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Specialty Excavator Attachments

Within our fleet we have a few excavator attachments that are not always readily available elsewhere in the market, but are essential for those special or difficult jobs. We have a continuous flight auger cast rig with the capability to drill to 65’ depths, mounted on a CAT 345 CL Excavator. We also have two telescopic stick attachments which have the ability to dig up to 60’ and 75’. These attachments have hydraulic clam buckets up to 1.25 cubic yard capacity and can speed up the dig to dump time by 25% to 40% over a crane and bucket set up. Please take a minute to see the video on this page digging at the depth of 75’. We also have excavator mounted winches for down hole pulling and a vibratory hammer. This equipment can be rented with or without the excavator if you own a machine with the capabilities to operate the attachments.

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