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Pipe Rehabilitation Equipment

As part of our inventory, Boyer Equipment has a variety of pipe rehabilitation tools in our arsenal from cleaning the pipe to sliplining, we have to right tools for the job. Browse and see how our equipment has been used on Pipe Rehabilitation projects

    • 84", 78", and 72" and more sizes - Pipe Cleaning Tire Swabs
    • Large Pipe Dredge Buckets

Sliplining and Accessories

Here is just an example how we are making a difficult job easier...

Large Diameter Pipe Handling

We know how difficult it can be to move and maneuver large diameter pipes inside a culvert. While keeping safety at the forefront, we have created customized tools, patent pending, which can lift the large diameter pipe, safely and in a controlled manner lower it into a shaft. Once in the shaft we have another apparatus that can make moving the large diameter pipe into the culvert smooth and easy, and finally we have created a pipe tugger that will help slide and lock the pipe in place.

  • Large Diameter Pipe Lift mechanism - allows a crane to safely pick up and lower large diameter pipes in a shaft.



  • Pipe dolly system - safely and easily moves a large diameter pipe through the culvert


  •  Pipe Tugger system that aids in lining up and moving the large diameter pipe into place.


Continue to browse through our photo gallery for additional sliplining and other accessories.  Please give us a call at 281-598-0378 or go to the Contact Us page for additional information.