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Inland Marine

Equipment Rental & Sales

Sectional Barges & Accessories

Boyer Equipment, LLC maintains a large fleet of modular barges ranging from 3’ 11” to 7’ depths. These barges can be assembled in many different configurations to meet specific load and job requirements.

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Boats & Tugs

The boats we have available are all truckable and range from 50 H.P. to over 400 H.P. Our fleet of boats consist of small work boats and tenders, tugboat, survey boat, supply boat, 50’ work boats and a non-powered hopper barge. We also have the capabilities to build steel workboats.

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Thrusters & Propulsions

We offer other options for propulsion that include hydraulic deck mounted thrusters. These thrusters range from 75 H.P. to 300 H.P. These thruster offer ease of operation, mobilization and can be installed in a short period of time. We have a licensed boat captain on staff and available for hire with our equipment.

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