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Boyer Equipment offers skid and truck mounted grout plants for short or long term rental for both cementuous and cellular grouting.  We have consulted with grouting experts to ensure that we built the best mixers and they have put them to the test and the results have been nothing short of excellent. 

Our fully automated plant includes a batch hopper, if you want to have a ready-mix mix design dumped in to the hopper or use the material screw feed, colloidal mixer and  blender/double pump module.

We have heavy-duty high-volume colloidal mixing grout plants which feature high-speed mixing pump with a 13 cubic foot capacity agitating holding tank.  The pump delivers slurry at a rate of up to 20 GPM and a pressure of up to 261 PSI.  This pump easily mixes and pumps slurries of portland cement, flyash, bentonite and lime flour.  A one-man operator can easily handle the controls while standing on the paltform.

We also have a variety of concrete buckets used in placing concrete, our sizes range from 1 Yard to 4 Yards.

Give us a call and let us help you find the grouting/concrete equipment.