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Truckable Boats & Tugs


The boats we have available are all truckable and range from 50 H.P. to over 400 H.P. Our fleet of boats consist of small work boats and tenders, tug boat, survey boat, supply boat, 50’ work boats and a non-powered hopper barge. We also have the capabilities to build steel workboats. 

As with all of our Inland Marine equipment, we have a licensed boat captain on staff and available for hire.

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'Chelsea Leigh' 

Truckable Tug Boat - 26', 250 HP Diesel



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Survey Boat - 26', Twin 120 HP Diesel

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Supply Boat – 37’, Twin 250 HP Diesel

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   Jet Propulsion Work Boat

27’5”, Twin 200 HP, Dowty Jet, Diesel

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Personnel Work Boat

6 passenger, 24’, 130 HP Outboard

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  Steel Work Boat

20’3”, 50 HP Outboard
     50' WORK BOAT

Information coming soon!